The Smiths are in Argentina

Just a note to let you know that we arrived safely and are beginning the transition to have life back to an Argentine normal. God gave us an extra blessing by having the hotel where we used to have meetings for 4 years give us a room for very reasonable cost for a few days. We still implore your prayers for God to show us a place where God wishes us to live and minister.

We had a great time with the people here for church meeting with six new faces (three children and three adults). We will be having some baptisms in the future by those newly saved. The message this morning was Psalm 118 and for sure, “God is good”. It does not matter what happens, as one of the many attributes of God which cannot ever change that God is always good for He cannot be anything else.

As we walked the blocks going to Omar’s apartment, which is where our church is meeting, we noticed the prices have greatly increased. We passed three different car dealers and not one of them had a price posted for their cars, as the prices keep escalating. We also passed a very cheap pizza chain that only has two kinds of pizza. JoAnn has always enjoyed their large mozzarella pizza as it give you two meals for only 15 pesos but today as we passed we observed that it has changed to 35 pesos. We definitely are in for many more surprises.

Tomorrow is a full day. We start by trying to obtain a cell phone and since we do not have permanent address it might complicate things a bit. We also need to get a bus / subway card. Both items mean jumping through a bunch of hoops or a lot of red tape (an item which Argentines are famous). Then tomorrow night we are planning on going to a suburb for the monthly pastor’s meeting. It will be great to spend time with old friends who can inform us of items that are going on in their churches but even nicer to pray with them once again.

The weather here is our typical winter: overcast, very high humidity, and slightly chilly. The streets are even more crowded than we remember. But is so nice to be in the place where God has designed us to be and to have the great honor in serving the Lord. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

In the Lord’s care,
Charlie for both of us