Susie Kallal, September 23, 2011

Thank you for your prayers in regards to the elections here in Zambia. The Zambian people were getting restless in waiting on the results of the election that took place on Tuesday. Fighting and riots broke out in major cities. Around midnight the winner of the Presidential election was announced and the mood of the Zambians changed. The Zambians wanted change and so therefore they now have a new President….Micheal Sata. This is not the first time President Sata has run in elections. He is known as “King Cobra” being given that name because of his sharp tongue. If you remember last election I asked for prayer because when he was running Mr. Sata said he would run out all the foreigners in Zambia. He has not said this during this election so we are hopeful. Things are calm around Zambia and we are rejoicing that God has answered prayers. Please continue to pray for the Zambian nation and that peace will reign in the days ahead.
Thank you for lifting your Zambian missionaries up in prayer the last few days.
Susie Kallal