Stay Off the Parking Lot Today – Monday

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My office is a noisy place again today as heavy machinery works our parking lot. The asphalt is being laid today! (This was a long time in coming.) The man I spoke to recommended that we stay off the lot today. So please, if you have any business at the church today, either park at McDermott Park or on Cottage Avenue. We will be able to park here on Wednesday and the lines should be painted before next Lord’s Day!

We have 8 young people attending camp at Northland this week. Jeremy and Tony drove two vehicles to get them and their luggage to camp. Pray for them – that they will be safe and more importantly that they will be spiritually challenged by the preaching and fellowship.

I rejoice in the good day at Trinity Baptist yesterday. I enjoyed the freshness and practicality of the two texts I had. Darryl did a great job in Sunday School. It was chicken, salads, and yummy fluffy desserts for church dinner. Praise God the opportunity to fellowship and be challenged by God’s Word to be more like Jesus.

Embracing Truth,