Witnesses: Studies in the Acts of the Apostles

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Download the Witnesses study guide: book 1 | book 2

23. Paul in Rome no audio available

22. The Final Days before Rome no audio available

21. The Trial of Paul download

20. The Plot Against Paul download

19. The Third Journey of Paul, 2 no audio available

18. The Third Journey of Paul, 1 no audio available

17. The Second Journey of Paul, 2 download

16. The Second Journey of Paul, 1 download

15. The End of the First Journey download

14. The First Journey of Paul no audio available

13. The Missionaries to the World download

12. The Preparation for Change download

11. The Gospel to Gentiles download

10. The Conversion of Saul download

9. The Gospel to Judea and Samaria download

8. The Sermon/Stoning of Stephen download

7. The Need for Help download

6. The Issues on the Inside download

5. The Persecution from the Outside download

4. The Power of the Gospel download

3. The Birth of the Church download

2. The Sermon of Peter no audio available

1. The Commissioning of the Witnesses download

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