Saturday, March 24, 2018

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family, Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day! And it’s church dinner day! Jeremy Shaeffer is the morning preacher and missionary Brian Krueger will be in Sunday School and in the after dinner devotion. I am just a bit bummed that I will not be present to enjoy their ministry.

Lin, Sarah, and I made it safely to Zeke’s house in Great Falls, Montana. I had planned to drive straight through and be here mid-morning. (I should be old enough to know better.) At about 2:30 am we were half way through North Dakota and learned that the ice ahead of us got worse. The guys at a truck stop recommended a $55 room across the road. The room was wonderful and we were back on the road at 7:30 am. We arrived here around 4:00 pm. As the day progressed we were thankful that we had stopped because the roads were much easier to navigate in the daylight. I had never been in North Dakota and the drive through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park painted canyon was inspiring. We intend to come home on Thursday-Friday. Pray we have a rejuvenating time with family.

Pray for Bonnie Fiebig – her pain and the procedure that she will have this Thursday. Pray that Jeremy has a refreshing week and soon learns the cause of his gut pains. Pray for Hosea – a man who attends our Wednesday Bible study. Pray for the salvation of those to whom we are witnessing. Pray for God’s Word to dominate our thoughts and prayers.

Embracing Truth, Pastor