Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: When was the last time you were angry? At whom/what were you angry? Would anyone in your life classify you as an angry person? I am in Jonah 4 tomorrow where Jonah tells God, “I have a right to be angry!” Let me tell you, knowing I am going to preach this tomorrow has made this past week or so a bit of a struggle for me. Several times I have had to ask myself, “Am I angry? With Whom am I really angry? What are the results of my anger?” Well, that’s enough. If I write more you will be able to skip tomorrow’s sermon. See you in church!

The parking lot received its “final grade” on Thursday. I am praying it continues to dry out in anticipation of asphalt on Monday. You are welcome to use our lot tomorrow – remembering that the sidewalks are 3 1/2″ higher now than they will be in 1 week. Be careful when you park.

Sarah is safely in Spain. She had a 4 hour wait on the runway in Chicago, but was able to catch a later connecting flight out of Madrid and is in the right city for her Saturday evening. Thank you to those who remembered to pray for her.

Embracing Truth, Pastor