Saturday, January 14 – Game Night!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: It is pretty. yes, I am talking about the snow. It is disruptive and cold, but it is pretty.

On Saturday, we are going to have a Family Game Night in the church basement. We will start at 6:00p . Bring a dish to share and we’ll set up a buffet. I am going to bring meatballs and Chex mix. We’ll have kool-aid and coffee and plastic ware ready.

Bring a favorite game to play – Monopoly, Scrabble, Settlers of Cataan, Ticket to Ride, Rook, etc. If you are not a gamer, come for the food and conversation. Bring your children and grand children. Bring your neighbor that you know likes games. Come for some old fashioned fun.

On Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour, Pastor Larry Gross will be presenting Northland Camp to our church. The fellowship committee has committed to paying for one half the cost of a week of camp to any of our church who would go. I look forward to hearing what God is doing at Northland.

On Sunday afternoon at 5p we will have a Men’s Meeting. We will discuss finances, projects, and plans for future projects.

I have titled this Sunday’s message from Hosea 6-7 “Half-Baked Repentance.” I am afraid this describes too many of us too often. See you at church!

Embracing Truth,