Saturday, December 31

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: For those of you who are not on fb and did not see the Sue Struska Health Updates post, Sue had an MRI that showed the tumor has shrunk by 90-95% after just one round of chemo treatments. Praise the Lord! Woohoo! She is having some uncomfortable side effects from the second round of chemo. Pray for strength and that God would bring back the skills that were taken from her by the tumor.

Continue to pray for Kim Struska for healing, strength, and reduction of pain. The Dale Struskas as traveling home this weekend from their wanderings. I believe Jean Winkler is safely in Arizona. The Shaeffers will be traveling back from Ohio this weekend.

I am making pulled pork for sandwiches for tonight and bringing some fruit and sugar cookies. The pot luck is at 6p. Beth has my Pastordy game all set up to run on the computer in the auditorium. And Devin and Ross were in yesterday to practice some saxaphone duets. It should be a fun evening tonight.

Sunday School and Morning Church are keeping to a normal schedule tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we are not having church. Spend it with family. (I understand there is a football game of some consequence tomorrow evening.)

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to seeing all that God is going to do in our lives, in my life in 2017.

Embracing Truth,