Request from Missionary Joel Troester

I am writing a special letter so that you can understand a bit of Mozambican culture and be in prayer with us concerning Pastor Martinazio, our dear pastor friend here in Mozambique.   He is a wonderful man and doing his best to pastor a church close to us.  A little over a year ago we asked for your prayers concerning his battle with a cancerous growth on his stomach.  He was operated on twice unsuccessfully in the best of our local government hospitals.  The problem with health care in these government hospitals is that there are no doctors with experience, but only student doctors gaining experience.  It wasn’t until we were able to get him into a private clinic that he was able to have a successful surgery.   He did chemo therapy after, which almost killed him, but he came through it all.

The cancer was in remission for a time, but two new growths formed on his head and one on his neck.  These were supposedly removed at the government hospital.  The biopsy from those surgeries indicated that he has an aggressive form of cancer.  All of his attempts to immediately initiate chemo therapy were denied.

Once again tumors have returned in three places, two on the top of his head and another on his back. He has done his best to get free (government) help again but the reply is always, “Come back in two weeks.”  More than three months have gone by and the growths continue to grow and are now creating great discomfort.  The doctors only offer pain relief.

How can we do nothing when our brother is suffering?  It is impossible for pastors like these to be supported by their church, much less have health insurance.  They live hand-to-mouth.  We have gone ahead by faith, seeking help at the clinic where they successfully removed the initial cancer.  They are willing to do the surgery again.  The cost is $1,000.00 for each tumor ($3,000.00 total).  He will need chemo or radiation treatments again and I do not know the cost of this.  The private  doctor, who operated successfully on Pastor Martinazio’s stomach tumor, and will do the surgery again, just left for two weeks and so the surgery is on hold for these two weeks.

What a test of faith for Pastor Martinazio and his family as they are continually being put on hold and the cancer continues to grow and possibly spread.  In my conversations with him, he is battling discouragement but staying on top.  What a challenge to trust God as the cancer continues to grow and there are possibilities for treatment but so many delays.   We need to pray and do all that we can to make these treatments possible.

Thank you for praying with us.  If you would like to help financially, please let us know.
Have a great Christmas,