Report of WFBC Pastors’ and Wives’ Retreat

I rejoice to tell you of the good reports I received from many as they were leaving yesterday. Things like: “It was perfect.” “It was the best Retreat ever.”

The good people of Trinity Baptist outdid themselves. A big thank you to Patty Fitch and all who cleaned or served tables or purchased stuff or brought in supplies or made soup or made pies or worked in the sound booth. And many of you did more than one of these good things.

As the host Pastor, I was the one they complimented, but you did the bulk of the work. Thank you for your time and efforts. You were a blessing to many.

Thanks too to Pastor Rory for planning and putting together the Congregational singing. Making the musicians books and preparing the powerpoint takes time. And much thanks to Dr. Ollila. He did a great job ministering the Word to us. I think it was the best I have ever heard from Dr. O.

We had other friends helping us too. Pastors Dunford and Kimmel from 1st Baptist, West Bend and Faith Baptist, Plymouth also provided food and helped with the program.