Prayer letter from Charlie and JoAnn Smith – Argentina

Thank you so very much for all the prayers, financial gifts designated toward the hospital bills and especially for the notes of encouragement. When we were planning furlough last summer, JoAnn mentioned one night that she was sensing that this furlough would be different. The Holy Spirit also gave me the same idea. Now we know part of the reason and we wonder what else will be down the path as we strive to glorify our Lord during this part of our lives.
I am going to Cardiac Rehab three times a week and gaining strength. There is such a difference even in this last week. So, I was completely taken by surprise when the kidney doctor informed me that I need to prepare for a kidney transplant. I was told one of the risks with the bypass surgery was damage to the kidneys, but I thought they were recovering. I am not sure what all is involved other than what I have read on the internet.    I have an appointment in two weeks to sit down with him and discuss all the details. From what I understand, this should NOT hinder us returning to Argentina and continuing the ministries there. We have been blessed in Buenos Aires with an Internal Medicine doctor whose specialty is kidneys and he is also the head of the kidney department. Doctor Trimarchi was trained in Houston but decided to return to Buenos Aires to be with family and help his fellow Argentines. Isn’t God just so wonderful!
Concerning the ministry in Buenos Aires, Eduardo has been in the hospital with respiratory problems. Pray he can finally give up smoking. Britley was able to attend youth camp; our camps are in January and February. Beatrice suffered burns on her hand in a kitchen accident. Omar brought his first devotional for the church. We miss them all greatly.
I wish to start scheduling meetings tentatively, especially Mission Conferences. I cannot predict when a kidney would be available and I have been informed that I would need to go to Denver to have the procedure. So Pastor, would you please send me any dates that would be best for you and your church? I am trying to save money in gas, as well as travel time. So if I can have some idea of dates; it would make it easier for me to group meetings to be a better steward of time and the funds God has placed at our disposal.
We are blessed with a great home church.    In May we are looking forward to being with our daughters and their families as we celebrate Robert’s birthday, as well as, the return of Ben and Lauren from Papua New Guinea for their furlough.
During these times in which we have been seeking God’s mind on my health some others in my situation might say, why me. We praise God for the many years of great blessings He has given. God has been so good to us and we pray that these times in which we can only look to Him will bring us even closer to our loving Father, sweet Saviour, and effective Comforter, while making us better instruments to bring others to the Kingdom. Thank you again so very much for all the prayers and please keep praying as we need them so much.
In our Lord’s care,
Charlie & JoAnn Smith