Peace letter from the Amazon

Thank you for praying for the Amazon Baptist Hospital’s anniversary outreach this past weekend. We estimate 2,000 people came and much fun was had by all. The focus of the event was a 20 minute evangelistic black light presentation. Many people heard and saw a clear presentation of the Gospel message. Please pray for those who attended who have not previously made professions of faith. Pray that they would seriously think through what a personal relationship with Christ means. Thank you for your part in praying!

We are also thankful that the specialists in Manaus determined that the sickness here in town was not bacterial meningitis as had been suspected. Please continue to pray for the families who lost loved ones because of the sickness.

Lloyd will be helping our coworker upriver next week with some airplane maintenance. At the end of next week, he is headed to São João de Mineiruá with Pastor Nê for weekend ministry. At the end of the month, we will have a short-termer with us who has an interest in missionary aviation.

In Christ,
Lloyd and Athena Peace