Pastor Shaeffer’s Medical Test

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: First, I want to praise the Lord for a good Lord’s Day. I can’t put my finger on just one thing, but I rejoiced last evening to know that God was working among us yesterday.

For many weeks. Jeremy Shaeffer has been suffering from a lot of different physical pains. He spent Wednesday evening in the Emergency Room because these pains were becoming more severe and troublesome. The tests run last week were all negative. He had an upper endoscopy scheduled for several weeks from now that got moved up to today. Jeremy’s fear was that he had the cancer his dad had. The scope found no cancer, but a hiatal hernia that is acting like a cancer. At this time he is going to be taking some medications that should alleviate his pain.

We should praise the Lord that Jeremy did not hear the news he dreaded. We also should continue to pray for him that he and his doctors will figure out how to take care of this.

I spent my day today attending 3 back-to-back meetings with leaders from the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools. The meetings today reminded me again of the truth I preached last night. This Christian life is hard work! Christian Education is hard work. Both our sanctification and the godly education of youth are contrary to our natural man. It’s a daily uphill climb. So lace up your boots and and by the Spirit’s help have a great week!

Embracing Truth,