Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: First, I want to rejoice in the wonderful way God allowed our church to minister last evening. I believe Jesus was glorified and Sue’s family was comforted. Dale wrote last night: “A life well remembered because it was a life well lived.” It was a huge encouragement to many of us to think of the legacy Sue’s service to her family, church, and community will continue to have for many years to come.

Then, I want to brag about the some of the most wonderful people in the whole world. I am not going to begin to list names because I have already been warned not to. But there were more than a couple of dozen people who did not sit down for 2 hours, but rather were paying attention to the needs of others during the memorial service. Besides those who served last evening were the many who gave gifts of food and funds to make the evening a great success. I know the Struska clan felt loved and many visitors were aware of the Spirit of Christ in this place. Praise God.

Many times people thank me for the spiritual blessings they receive. Last night all the thanks should go to Jesus, the life lived by Sue Struska, the testimonies of her family, and the awesome Trinity Baptist Church Congregation! Can I get a woohoo?!

Now it’s Monday and time for a reality check. Bill and the Struska family are without Sue. And Kim is very sick. Please pray that the devil loses big-time in all their lives. Pray for healing for Kim. Pray for grace and strength for all of them. Pray for Jesus to come back. “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

Embracing Truth, Pastor