Missionary Charlie Smith – Heart Surgery

As you know, Charlie was scheduled for a 6 bypass heart surgery on Monday.  Due to the fact the ICU was full, it was postponed until Tuesday.  There was a minor complication while he was in the recovery room and they reoperated on one of the bypasses.  This evening he was sedated and a breathing tube that had been removed in the morning was reinserted to bring his oxygen level up.  His kidneys are reacting to the surgery,  we had been told it was a possibility with the shock to the system of heart surgery.  Therefore he is temporarily on kidney dialysis with the hopes that it will bring down the creatine and potassium levels in his blood.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and beg you to continue.  Thank you also for phone calls and email notes.  I cannot have the phone on while in the ICU, so please understand when I do not answer the calls.  Please forgive if you receive more than one notice .
God is in control.