A ministry idea for an artist and a geek!

I have spent the last week writing lessons about Old Testament battles for our VBS. I have spent many hours looking for pictures both to project while telling the story and for coloring pages. There is a great scarcity of resources. While there are many pictures of Noah’s ark and the crucifixion of Jesus, try finding a good coloring picture of Jehoshaphat leading Israel in prayer and singing before the temple!

We need someone or a group of someones to use their knowledge and imagination to draw and paint some good pictures of the Bible record. These pictures then need to be available on a website indexed to the Scripture. They need to be realistic. They cannot be too cluttered like some of the old classical paintings. Then they also need to be adapted for children to color.

How about it? Where is the artist and/or geek who will take on this needed ministry? If this is already out there, someone help me find it!