Lord’s Table, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Prayer Requests

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I pray your heart and home have been places of service to our God this week. May the weekend strengthen you to serve Jesus better.

We have Men’s Prayer Breakfast tomorrow, Saturday, morning at 8a. If you are not signed up, please email or call me today so I can be prepared.

Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night. This means there is absolutely no excuse to miss Sunday School. We have classes for 2 years through 100 years. I believe whatever understanding I have of the flow of the Bible, I have learned by attending Sunday School. It begins at 8:45a.

We have Lord’s Table this Sunday morning.

Continue to pray for Wayne Rose and Jean Winkler as they adjust to the changes brought them by the passing of their partners. Pray that they know God’s presence and peace. Pray for Kim Struska. I believe she is going to begin another form of chemo soon. Pray that our church be a place where lives are transformed by the Word and Spirit of God.

Embracing Truth,