Here a Little for October 20, 2013

Monday – read John 14:1-6
Where did Jesus say we will one day stay?

Tuesday – read Revelation 21:1-5
How many times is the word “new” used in these verses?

Wednesday -read Revelation 21:7-8
Who will be in heaven? Who will not be in heaven?

Thursday – read Revelation 21:22-27
List some things that will not be in heaven.

Friday – read Revelation 22:1-5
List things that will not be in heaven.

Saturday – read Revelation 22:17-21
Who is invited to come?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Ministry Committee: Van Fitch, David Olson, Curt Carter, Dale Struska, Tim Krause, Nestor Delica, Bryan Abell, Darryl Mayes
These men lead in care for the Congregation by administering our care lists.
They also chair other committees that report to the Men’s Meeting and to the Congregation.

Church-supported Missionary: Jon & Ruth Bergen, Judy, Anna, Jessica
Judy is home this year. She is done with their version of high school and is considering what God would have next for her. Anna is in her 1st year of high school. Jessica is in 5th grade.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Ron & Shannon Mueller: Aex, Cody, Justin
Ron is manager at a Walgreens. Shannon is a nurse with Aurora.
Alex, Cody, and Justin attend the Fond du Lac school district.
Ron and Shannon work in Awana.

Tom & LeAnn Murray
Tom and LeAnn keep busy with Bible Press. Tom also teaches a junior industrial arts class at TBS.

David & Carolyn Olson
David is Ford brand manager at Holiday. Carolyn babysits in her home.
David and Carolyn oversee Awana. David is a member of our Ministry Committee.