Here a Little for May 12, 2013

Monday – read Proverbs 31:10-12
Describe the thoughts of this woman’s husband towards her.

Tuesday – read Proverbs 31:13-15
How does this woman occupy her time?

Wednesday -read Proverbs 31:16-19
Describe the type of decisions she makes.

Thursday – read Proverbs 31:20-23
How does this woman impact those around her?

Friday – read Proverbs 31:24-27
How does she impact the future?

Saturday – read Proverbs 31:28-31
What do people say about this woman?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Ushers: David Olson serves as Head Usher. His duties include comfort, security, information, and counting. Tim Shell also helps with counting attenders. Members of the Ministry Committee recruit the  several ushers who serve in any given service.

Church-supported Missionary: Sue Kallal: serving in Bledsoe, Kentucky
Susie is finishing up her reporting to her supporting churches. she has been on furlough for the past year.
She has recently moved to Bledsoe and is beginning to serve with the Blaines to establish a church.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Tony & Pat Miller
Tony is an architect for Excel Engineering. Pat sells Cedar Log homes and is the Administrative Assistant for Trinity Baptist.
They are both active in teaching Sunday School and serving on committees.

Cory & Beth Mohr: William, Timothy
Corey is employed at Oshkosh Truck. Beth teaches band at Oakfield High School.
Beth often provides us with offertories.

Ron & Shannon Mueller: Alex, Cody, Justin
Ron is a manager at Walgreens. Shannon is an RN at Aurora.
Ron and Shannon are both Awana leaders.
The boys all attend Fond du Lac schools.