Here a Little for March 3, 2013

Monday – read Ezekiel 7:1-4
What is the basis or reason for God’s judgments?

Tuesday – read Ezekiel 7:5-9
What would be the timing of God’s coming judgments?

Wednesday -read Ezekiel 7:10-17
How many of Judah’s people would be included in the judgments?

Thursday – read Ezekiel 7:18-22
Even the temple would be destroyed. Why?

Friday – read Ezekiel 7:23-27
What was God’s goal in allowing Judah’s destruction?

Saturday – read 1 John 4:1-3
What is our #1 criteria for discerning false religions?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Trinity Baptist School staff
Many compensated and volunteer staff members teach or facilitate ministry at TBS. They include: Jeremy Shaeffer, Lin Leeds, Kimberly Krause, Jaclyn Carpenter, Kerry Tompkins, Rory Martin, Pat Miller, Sam Kaufman, Amy Braker, Jan Martin, Tom Murray, Amber Shaeffer, and Dan Leeds.

Church-supported Missionary: Nestor and Lallie Lubuguin
Nestors pastors and church in the Philippines. His church is instrumental in beginning churches and sending missionaries all over southeast Asia.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Travis Daharsh
Travis will graduate from Maranatha Seminary in May with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies.
Travis ministers at TBC by preaching in church and in junior church. Travis also is a great IT resource in our sound booth.

Naiza Delica
In addition to working on her own music, Naiza gives private music lessons both in Milwukee and FdL.
Naiza sings in our choir and for special music. She is also part of the team that plays our keyboards.

Nesstor Delica, Jr.
Nesstor has re-signed with the military and is looking forward to overseas deployments while he works on his college degree.