Here a Little for March 16, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 7:1-2
What do you think is meant by “judge” in these verses?

Tuesday – read Matthew 7:3-5
What do we need to do before we can evaluate others?

Wednesday – read Matthew 7:6
What is “holy” and who are the “dogs”?

Thursday – read Matthew 7:7-11
How does God give to us?

Friday – read Matthew 7:12
What can we do to obey all the Old Testament?

Saturday – read Matthew 7:13-14
What makes the narrow gate difficult?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Finance Committee: Curt Carter, Paul Braker, Tony Braker, David Olson, Tim Krause, Sean Lapp, Dick Winkler
These men count the money that is given, counsel with the pastor and church concerning the budgets, and give accountability to the expenditures.

Church-supported Missionary: Julaine Appling
Julaine is the Executive Directory of Wisconsin Family Council. She is currently involved in several lawsuits including the one the ACLU recently filed against the State of Wisconsin concerning the marriage amendment passed in 2006.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Jay & Barb Rosenthal
Barb is employed at Mercury Marine.
Jay serves in our Awana Clubs and is a member of the Building/Grounds Committee.

Ken & Jean Rosenthal
Jean is retired from Mercury and Ken from G&L now Fives.
When Ken & Jean first came to Jesus they were members of Fond du Lac Baptist Temple.

Keith & Janet Russell
Keith and Janet have been part of at least 3 different church starts in Fond du Lac.