Here a Little for January 5, 2014

Monday – read Matthew 3:1-3
Describe the preaching of John the Baptist.

Tuesday – read Matthew 3:4-8
Why did John not want to baptize the Pharisees and Sadducees?

Wednesday -read Matthew 3:9-12
How did John describe the Messiah to these Jews?

Thursday – read Matthew 3:13-15
Why did John not want to baptize Jesus?

Friday – read Matthew 3:16-17
Describe the evidence of the Trinity seen here.

Saturday – read Matthew 3:1-17
Why do you think Jesus was baptized by John?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Decorating
Roberta Scherck oversees changing decorations for the seasons.
Patty Fitch is caring for the bulletin board in the entry.

Church-supported Missionary: Jon & Ruth Bergen: Judy, Anna, & Jessica
The old hotel where Brechin Baptist Church meets has many physical needs. Their current project is their street front exterior.
Judy is taking a year off school to try to get well.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Van & Patty Fitch
Van works for JF Ahern.
Both Van and Patty are active Sunday School teachers.
Van is a member of our Ministry Committee

Mary Freund
Mary has been a member of TBC for almost 20 years.

Brie Foree
Brie lives in Watertown and works in Johnson Creek.
Brie plays clarinet in our orchestra and sings in the choir and for special music.

Dan & Anne Ganser
Dan is the production manager of a local milk dehydrating company.
Anne is active in our Building?Ground Committee.