Here a Little for January 13, 2013

Monday – read 1 John 1:1-3
What truths do we learn of Jesus from these verses?

Tuesday – read 1 John 1:4-7
How can we have joy and walk in the Light?

Wednesday -read 1 John 1:8-10
Describe the Christian’s relationship with sin.

Thursday – read Psalm 119:57-64
What made the psalmist happy at midnight?

Friday – read Psalm 119:65-72
What is God’s standard by which He treats his own?

Saturday – read Psalm 119:73-80
What determined the psalmists relationship with God’s people?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Special Music
Most Sunday morning services and occasionally on Sunday evening, we enjoy a musical number prepared for us by someone in our church. Mostly those who sing for us are people who sing in our choir.
The special music scheduled is written by Jan Martin.

Church-supported Missionary: Charlie and JoAnn Smith
Our missionaries to Argentina are currently on furlough. They are at their sending church in Wyoming.
Charlie is having much heart angina and is waiting for his insurance to kick in before he has by-pass surgery.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Wayne & Kathy Rose
Going back to her childhood at Fond du Lac Baptist Temple, Kathy might be our longest tenured church member.
Kathy fights many complications that rise from having childhood diabetes for decades.

Jay & Barb Rosenthal
Barb works at Mercury Marine. Jay is fighting to manage the pain in a leg from an old injury. He is also looking for appropriate employment.

Jeff Rosenthal
Jeff is a professional painter.

Ken & Jeanie Rosenthal
Ken is retired from G&L and Jeanie from Mercury Mariine.
They have been active at TBC since before pastor came.