Here a Little for December 30, 2012

Monday – read Colossians 3:15
With whom should we be at peace?
Tuesday – read Colossians 3:16
Describe the relationship between the Word of God and wisdom?

Wednesday -read Colossians 3:17
What are the benefits of gratitude? What does it do for me?

Thursday – read Jeremiah 39:1-10
Why did God allow this to happen to Jerusalem?

Friday – read Jeremiah 42:1-6
Do you think the people were sincere in their request of Jeremiah?

Saturday – read Jeremiah 43:1-7
Why do you think the people still rejected God’s Word?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Snow Camp
Northland Camp and Conference center holds snow camps for juniors and teens.
Junior snow camp is February 22-23rd.
Pastor Rory will be chaperoning teens who would go to snow camp February 7-9th.
You may register on line at

Church-supported Missionary: Lloyd and Athena Peace: julia, Jessica, Jacob, Lucas
Lloyd is going to make a trip to Brazil to be in a teen conference in January.
Athena has one more scan to be released from her cancer treatment.
They are planning to return to Brazil in April

Members of the Body of Christ:
David & Carolyn Olson
David is Ford brand manager at Holiday. Carolyn babysits in her home.
David is head usher and our Awana Commander. Carolyn leads our ladies’ ministries and is our Awana secretary.

Lisa Olson
Besides a full-time job, Lisa partners with her sister Amber to be Finding Eden.

Bill & Karen Pickering: Maggie, Arianna.
Bill works at Society Insurance.
Karen beings special music at TBC.
Maggie is a student at Emmaus Bible College