Here a Little for December 23, 2012

Monday – read John 1:1-4
Who made everything? What are some things true because of this?

Tuesday – read John 1:5-10
What is true of light?

Wednesday -read John 1:11-14
To whom did Jesus come? What can we do with Jesus?

Thursday – read Jeremiah 36:1-10
Whose words did Baruch read to all the people?

Friday – read Jeremiah 36:11-26
How did the king respond to these words?

Saturday – read Jeremiah 36:27-32
What happened to the words that the king destroyed?

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Keyboard: Jan Martin, Christa Martin, Naiza Delica, Amber Shaeffer, Amy Braker, Dan Leeds
Jan establishes a schedule for who will minister to the Congregation by helping us sing on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings.

Church-supported Missionary: Robert & Brenda Oetman: Robby, Amanda, Matthew
Missionaries to Korea, they are currently on furlough, living and attending school in Indiana.
They will be reporting to TBC on January 6th.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Cory & Beth Mohr: William, Timothy
Cory is employed at Oshkosh Truck. Beth teaches music for the Oakfield schools.
Beth plays bassoon in offertories and in our orchestra.
Cory for several years has supplied the tractor and wagon for our fall youth hayride.

Ron & Shannon Mueller: Alex, Cody, Justin
Ron and Shannon are both Awana leaders. Both the Westras and Carters began attending church at the invitation of the Muellers.
The boys attend the Fond du Lac school district.

Tom & LeAnn Murray
Tom teaches an upper elementary industrial arts class at TBS. His Bible Press is active in sending devotional helps throughout the world.
LeAnn works with our ladies missionary committee.