Here a Little for December 22, 2013

Monday – read Matthew 1:18-19
Describe Joseph’s ethical/moral dilemma.

Tuesday – read Matthew 1:20-23
Define “Jesus” and “Immanuel.”

Wednesday -read Matthew 1:24-25
Write about the character and person of Joseph.

Thursday – read Matthew 7:10-16
To whom was this prophecy first given and what was it about?

Friday – read Luke 2:1-7
How does what you’ve read in Matthew impact this story?

Saturday – read Luke 2:8-20
Write about the character and faith of the shepherds.

Pray for us …
Church Ministry: Sound/Computer Booth: Randy Martin, Paul Westra, Paul Braker, Curt Carter, Sue Carter, Charlie Leeds: These serve us mightily by helping us hear and see.

Church-supported Missionary: Wayne & Carol Vawter
Wayne is the Mission’s Director of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches. He and Carol assist churches throughout the state by giving counsel and help.

Members of the Body of Christ:
Joan Cheiro
Continue to pray for Joan following the death of her husband, Fred.

Ted, Elexis, & Joey
Ted is a member of the National Guard. Elixis and Joey attend Fond du Lac public schools.

Naiza Delica
Naiza lives in Milwaukee. She is active in teaching and performing music both in Milwaukee and Fond du Lac.
Naiza serves us at the keyboards, in choir, and in special music. She is a member of the worship committee.

Nestor and Cely Delica: Christopher, Norma, Michelle, Mary Jane
Nestor and Cely returned this week from a trip to South Korea and the Philippines.
Nestor is on the Ministry Committee