God’s Grace Evident in Nicaragua Fundraising

nic-websiteThis is going to be a long one since we haven’t posted an update in a month concerning the Nicaragua Trip fundraising, but read to the end because God has continued to show us his gracious provision over the last month. The last time I posted an update, our fundraising stood at 70%. Over the past month we have seen a steady trickle of money from support letters sent out to family and friends. By the middle of May we entered our Spaghetti Cookoff fundraiser with 75% of the funds raised and then the people of Trinity Baptist Church blessed us again with a nearly $600 day. With the other designated gifts that came in that Sunday, we stood at 80%. Then God continued to allow the money to flow in. Over the past two weeks we have seen another 5% of the money come in and when we entered this weekend we saw our support at just above $2,000 needed to meet our fundraising goal. Then we had our brat fray at Festival. Through the support of many friends and our community, we were able to raise over $1,200 towards our trip. We now need just over $800 to fully fund our trip and we have another month of fundraising to go! God has made his gracious generosity known in some powerful ways over the past several months. He has reminded me time and again that physical needs are not a problem for him. We rejoice in his unmerited kindness to us that has seen these fundraising efforts reap such bountiful returns. Let me ask you to continue to pray and give. While we could have our trip fully funded with only $800 more, we would like to be able to bring a gift of some sort to the church planters in Nicaragua. Any amount would be appreciated, but if we can raise more than just our bare minimum, we could take that extra amount to those church planters and encourage financially as well as spiritually and physically. Please continue to pray what God would have you to give to our trip as we have an offering next week and a little over one month until we leave. Thanks again for all those who have so generously given.