Funeral Arrangements

I told the florist to sign our cards “Love and prayers, your Trinity Baptist Church Family.” She responded, “That is so sweet.” Maybe she does not think of her church as family. As a part of the family, I encourage you to be at the funerals this week if you can. I know they are during the work week, but it is what families do if they can.

The visitation for Kathy Rose will be from 11a-1p on Wednesday, October 26th at Trinity Baptist. The funeral will follow at 1p.

The visitation for Dick Winkler will be from 10a-12:30p on Friday, October 28th at Trinity Baptist Church. The funeral will follow at 12:30p.

Uecker-Witt is serving both families.

Pray for grace and strength from God those who are grieving. Pray that Jesus is glorified by our thoughts and actions surrounding the home going of His saints.

Embracing Truth,