Friday, January 22

How well do you know Jesus?

Praise the Lord for safety in travels. Kim Struska is back in the Midwest from her time in Mexico with her mom and sisters. Several of us traveled safely to and from Carolyn’s mom’s funeral yesterday.

Praise the Lord for healing. Kathy Rose got strong enough to return home. She is still doctoring. Pray that the infection in her foot would go away and that her heart would remain strong. No surgery is planned at this time.

Pray for grace and wisdom for the Chiero/Olson/Shaeffer families as they celebrate Joe and Lisa’s wedding tomorrow. It’s been a full week for them. Pray that Jesus be glorified in all that is done.

The roofing contractor has brought by some equipment and materials. They intend to begin working on our roof on Monday! We should have a new roof in a couple of weeks. It’s not too late to loan the church funds to keep us from borrowing money from the bank and it’s never too late to give to our roofing and parking projects. I praise the Lord for the $20,000 that has been given towards these two projects.

As we will consider Philippians 3 this Sunday morning, I ask again, “How well do you know Jesus?”

Embracing Truth,