Friday, April 29

Tomorrow is our all-church spring work day. We have windows, walls, and chairs to wash. We have chairs to repair. We have yard work to do. There is a job for everyone. Bring your family and come for a couple of hours. There will be folks here to direct you to a task from 8a until noon. Come join the fellowship.
Pastor Shaeffer is giving part 4 of our Family Foundations series this Sunday morning. He will be in Psalms 127 & 128. We also have Lord’s Table.
I am calling for a Men’s Meeting this coming Sunday at 5p. We need to discuss a fork in the road of replacing our parking lot. I will also update the meeting concerning our school plans. This will not replace our meeting on May 15th when we will review our finances and consider our budgets for next year. That meeting will be preparatory for our annual meeting on June 5th.
May 4th is Awana Awards. A Pasta Buffet will begin at 5:30p and Awards night is at 6:30p. Come rejoice with our Clubbers in their achievements.
Embracing Truth,