Drive on the parking lot! – Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: It is gratifying, as I watch it rain, to watch the water run off the parking lot and into the drains. This is something that has never happened as it should in this parking lot! Never! The lines were to be painted today, but I think the rain has kept this from happening. I understand that the cool weather and rain are good for setting up the asphalt. Please park in our lot for church tonight. Hopefully there will be lines painted by Sunday.

Many of our church family have physical needs: Ross and Carol Purcell, Keith Russell, Tom Michler, LeAnn Murray, Bev Baum, Kim Struska, Sue Struska, and Jim Jones come to my mind. Perhaps I have missed some. Please pray for these. Also remember those who are grieving.

Please bring boxes to church for us to use in building a castle for VBS. We need them by next Wednesday, July 5th. See Beth Braker if you have any questions.

We have Men’s Prayer breakfast this Saturday. Sign up tonight or drop me a note by Friday noon.

Embracing Truth,