Doug & Cheryl Boisvert report/prayer letter

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8). NO MY FRIENDS, God’s thoughts are not always our thoughts. We have served for more than 16 years on the continent of Africa. We started in West Africa, then moved into the central region, and finally into East Africa—introducing the Tri-M concept to those who have a burden to train as many Pastors as possible. As you know, God has given us the goal of ministering in such a way that we are able to fade out of training as local leadership rises to the challenge of teaching in their training programs. We are seeing evidence of that process beginning in East Africa at various rates for each venue. But, as God fades us out of those venues, He has simultaneously opened a strategic door in Mongolia.

Byron Shearer and Dave Dernlan began the first training cycle in Mongolia two and a half years ago. Doug was able to join these men in teaching the last three courses and to witness the graduation of 14 Church leaders last September. However, both Tri-M missionaries are facing limitations in their travel schedules due to health issues. Neither Byron nor Dave have sensed God’s direction to personally meet the demands of overseeing the completion of a second group.  This led them to extend an urgent invitation to Doug to come and see if God would have him continue developing Tri-M in Mongolia.

Doug saw firsthand the great privilege and opportunity God has provided Tri-M to work with this group of Church leaders. There has been a wonderful explosion of the gospel of Christ in Mongolia in the last 20 years! Many of the Church leaders are first-generation believers who have no history of “Christianity” or “Church.”  These leaders are coming from Buddhist, Shamanistic, or Communistic backgrounds and worldviews, yet they are eager to learn from the Scriptures how to think and view their world through God’s eyes. The need for training is great and strategic. If these first-generation believers can bring their thoughts into the captivity of Christ, then they can establish a biblical tradition for “doing Church” and applying Bible truths to their daily walk with Christ. Tri-M has the opportunity to be part of God’s work in discipling His people at this critical stage in the sharing of the gospel throughout Mongolia. With that in mind, Doug could not let this opportunity stall or disappear. He was invited by the Mongolians to lead Tri-M teams for the next group of Church leaders and assist the current leaders of this church association in developing their own training program.

We ask you to join us in prayer about this next year if Jesus does not return first. As you can imagine, this is quite a shift for Doug. The climate is actually a delight for him; however, the culture is new and distinct from most African cultures in which we have worked. The Mongolians also have loved being taught by older men in their mid to late 60s. Doug is still considered a younger one of the Tri-M missionaries, so he will have to “earn his stripes” with the leadership. Pray that he can learn their thinking and ways in order to minimize potential barriers that can arise traveling and serving cross-culturally. Doug will be making these two extra trips a year to Mongolia while still ministering in East Africa in 2014. That will stretch our missionary funds, but God is able to provide.

Doug will leave the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to teach in South Sudan. Communication has been difficult with the leadership there. The dates were arranged ahead of time, but we are still praying for and waiting on the translated courses to be completed and sent in time to be photocopied in the U.S.
Thanks to the assistance of some of you folks donating several laptop computers, Tri-M courses are getting done in preparation for the current leaders to teach the next group of students and Church planters in possibly two different sites. ‑ is trip will be important in assisting these men in planning for that next cycle of training.

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Some of our supporting Churches have needed to reduce their Missions budgets this past year, and that means we are seeking new churches to introduce to them God’s ministry of Tri-M through the Boisverts. If you know of a Church or individual who is interested in receiving more information about the ministry, please let us know. Also pray that we can be sensitive to God’s leading in partnering with the right Churches.

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director
sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA
“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)