David Hockman Meetings Audio

Here is the complete audio of our recent meetings with David Hockman. We had some issues with our wireless microphones during the meetings (you can hear how horribly they sounded at the beginning of the first sermon). These issues forced us to retire the wireless microphones and attempt to confine Brother Hockman to the pulpit; however, he did not stay behind the pulpit. During the times when he roved around you can still make out some of what was said but with some difficulty. In spite of these setbacks our church was blessed by Brother Hockman’s fly-over exposition of the book of Romans as he challenged us to spiritual re-focus during these meetings. (to download the messages right-click on the download link and select save as).

1. The Wrath of God (Romans 1-2) download

2. The Gospel (Romans 2-5) download

3. God’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Grace! (Romans 6-7) download

4. Guarantees of Sonship (Romans 8) download

5. Our Response to the Gospel (Romans 12) download

6. Grey Matters (Romans 14) download