Charlie Smith update

Many of you have written notes saying that you are praying. Thank you
so much!  I wanted to pass a quick update so that you can know how those
prayers have been answered and to effectually continue.

Charlie has progressed sufficiently to be taken off the ventilator
yesterday morning. Praise the Lord for that step!  He had another tube
disconnected today and was able to sit in the chair for several hours this
afternoon, having gained enough strength to stand and take the couple steps
to the chair.  Lord willing, tomorrow they will finally take out the chest
tubes that are placed for drainage after a chest surgery.

When I sent out the update on the 24th, the doctor had ordered the IV
tubing inserted for kidney dialysis.   The creatine levels in the blood had
taken a very sharp rise and they took advantage of the sedative necessary to
insert the breathing tubes to place the IV´s. Too high of creatine affects
the heart.   He has so far not needed to be put on the dialysis because the
raise of  creatine has slowed enough that the doctors though still
monitoring carefully are at this point letting the body take care of it
naturally.  We are praying that the kidney function levels will quickly
return to the pre-surgery levels.

We do not know how many more days he will remain in the hospital.    He
is still very weak and looking forward to moving out of the ICU.   I will
update you again when we have further information of his progress.

Once again, thank you so much for your prayers and notes.  We look forward
to seeing you in the future.