Carolyn Price – September 3, 2011

To begin with, I’d like to ask prayer for a friend of mine.  Becky Mathes will be having a second surgery on Tuesday to remove water on her brain.  She has struggled physically since her first surgery so please pray for great wisdom for the doctors.  I know her family would appreciate your prayers.
I would also like to ask prayer for my pastor, Pastor Bill Phillips.  He was diagnosed with cancer recently.  The doctors say that his prognosis is good, but I know he, along with his family, would appreciate your prayers over the next few weeks.
All the traveling I have been doing to the various churches and supporters is ALMOST over!  God has been so good and I have experienced many, many blessings.  I’ve renewed “old” friendships and made many new friends. Just this past week, I found out something unusual about one of my friends that I did not know before:  She has memorized over 900 birthdays!  When I mentioned my daughter, she knew her birthday.  Abigail, same thing.  Amazing!  (Carolyn, I love your first name – I wish I had your memory!)  So many have told me of their consistent prayers for me and for the ministry in Bolivia.  No wonder there is a Deaf church in Sucre!
I have good news.  Very good friends are buying my return ticket to Bolivia.  I am not sure the exact date yet, but it will be sometime during the first week of November.  That brings me to an important prayer request.  I think most know that I will not be returning to Sucre.  There are now two possibilities that have opened up for me.  One, I would move to Santa Cruz to continue working in Deaf education.  [This one would have the special bonus of being the same city where my daughter (and granddaughter) live.]   Second, I would move to Vallegrande where I would spend a year working on lessons, etc. while we look into all the other options that might be available.  Please pray that God’s perfect place for me will be made clear by the time I return to Bolivia.  I look forward to seeing what God will do and what He has planned for my future.
I still have a lot of traveling to do in September.   I have to admit I do get quite tired if I have to travel over 4 hours.  I’ve learned to stop somewhere (usually a WalMart) and walk around for a bit.  The last part of September and the first half of October are going to see me traveling a great deal.  If everything works out, I will visit my last church, return the wonderful car that was loaned to me, either fly or take a bus to Oklahoma (whichever is cheaper) and spend a week and a half with my parents before returning to Bolivia.  (And yes, I’ll be flying into Santa Cruz first to spend a few days with Rafahel, Rene, and Abigail before traveling on to Sucre.)  This has been an unusual furlough in many ways, but one that has left me humbled by all the God has done on my behalf.  He is good!  (My pastor would add, “He is always good!”)
I’d like to close with a quote by Andrew Murray that touched my heart,
    “The greatest happiness of my life is that I am loved by the Lord Jesus and can fellowship with Him every day.”

Let us all rejoice because we are loved by Him who loves perfectly,

Your sister in Christ,