Carolyn Price Prayer Letter – August 24, 2013

It is with a bit of a humble heart that I write this morning. Why? Well, first of all I am continually
amazed at God’s goodness to me – in so many ways. Part of that goodness has to do with the pictures above. Rosa was actually my first Bolivian friend when I arrived in Bolivia over 25 years ago. She has graciously opened up her home in Vallegrande for the next three months that I might live with them while we work on the “Lesson’s Project.” We always have such sweet fellowship and I look forward to working with her.
Marisol is the pastor’s wife in Vallegrande. She has tremendous talent working with children. She will also be collaborating on the project. She brings with her many years of experience!
As you can see by the third picture, there are many lessons that are done (each folder represents a lesson). The majority, however, are in need of teacher’s guides, which will be the focus of the majority of my time in Vallegrande.
Tomorrow I will packing all my things for the move to Vallegrande. Though most of my time will be devoted to the lessons, Marisol has asked me to look for evangelistic puppet scripts. She’d like to visit some of the schools around Vallegrande to present the gospel. (I’m not exactly sure of all the details, but this is what I understood from our conversation.)
Wednesday, with computer in hand (as well as printer, clothes, etc. in boxes) I will head out for Vallegrande. God has put together a good team and I suppose that is part of the reason it is a bit humbling for me. Being able to do these lessons has been a dream of mine (desire of the heart) for a long time now and to see things coming together…well, as I said, it is humbling (in a very good way.) It is a tremendous privilege to be able to serve Him in this manner. So how can you pray?
1. For wisdom as I endeavor to organize everything…for all of us as we work together as a team. 2. For strength to get much accomplished every day. 3. For God to share His creativity with us. 4. And perhaps the most important of all, please pray that He will be glorified in each and every lesson.
1. Through the gracious giving of several individuals, we have enough to buy the photocopier! This will save a great deal of money and also make it possible to provide the lessons at an affordable price (only the cost of photocopying them!)
Thank you all for being a part of my “journey.”
Carolyn Price Mission Address: Baptist Pioneer Mission, P.O. Box 5114, Kincheloe, MI 48788 Field Address: Casilla 3183, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, SOUTH AMERICA