Carolyn Price needs our help

Letter from friend of Carolyn –

My name is Sharon Wiebe. I am a missionary in Bolivia and a dear friend to Carolyn Price. I wanted to write a letter to those who love, pray for and financially support Carolyn since I know how difficult writing a letter like this will be for her. Carolyn needs your help at this time.
Mostly she needs your prayers as she heads to Oklahoma to help her elderly parents and her brother with a very servere heart condition. I’m sure that most of you know the situation. Her parent’s home was destroyed in the recent tornado. They have lost everything and I am amazed to think that the three of them actually walked out of the pile of rubble that used to be their home. There have been offers of help come in to help with going through the rubble and all the difficult tasks that are to come. I know that this help is much appreciated! She has also been provided with a place to stay and friends have offered to lend her a car. The Lord is going before her and taking care of each detail.
She also needs financial help. She has used all of her savings to purchase a one-way ticket home. She jokingly said that she will need to stay a couple of months in the states so that she can save enough to come back to Bolivia. It really wasn’t a joke. Unless the Lord provides in some way, she won’t have the money to come back. She has already asked her mission to deposit next month’s support so that she will have something to spend while she is there. She could really use some financial aid. There have been people who have offered to lend her funds and she will do that, if necessary. But if the Lord has laid on your heart a desire to help her, it would be a tremendous blessing to her and to her family. Her parents did have insurance on their home and, as I understand it, should be able to rebuild if they choose to do that.
Thank you for considering this need. May the Lord bless you. Sharon