Wednesday, May 24, 20176

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I rejoice in the goodness of God. I was blessed by the ministry of Dave & Patti West on Sunday. I look forward to hearing of the start up of a new Bible college in Argentina. Then, I was convicted by the Word of God on Sunday evening as we considered our role as a priest before God.

On Monday, I traveled with Curt Carter, Charlie Leeds, and Regan Martin to Rockford to attend a conference where we heard 7 sermons. A couple of hundred were there and I was able to speak with many good friends from all over the Midwest. The theme of the day was a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation.

Let me know if you would be interested in attending conferences like this. The next one is the annual meetings of the New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches and the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. This combined event will be held at Maranatha Baptist University and Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown on June 12-14th. I intend to attend parts of this meeting and will be driving back and forth rather than staying there for the whole time.

Pray for one another. Pray for healing for families. Pray for wisdom for God’s people.

Embracing Truth, Pastor