Wednesday, February 8th

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I was pretty pathetic Sunday evening. I had a cold that bothered me for the second half of last week. It really knocked me down on Sunday afternoon. Every part of me from the neck up ached in some weird way. I took some time off on Monday and Tuesday and with Dr. Shaeffer’s help, I think I’m on the way back to human-hood! If you have prayed for me, thanks.

I’d like you to remember to pray for Bob and Katie Laudolff and their girls – Amelia and Maggie. Bob is back in Germany finishing his stint with the army. Katie and the girls and Bob’s mom, Garnet, are going to fly there this weekend. Garnet and the girls are going to stay with Bob while he finishes up his time in Germany – sometime in March. Katie will be flying back home for work next week. Pray for their safety. Pray for God to grow their family through all these transitions. They are looking forward to serving Jesus in Fond du Lac as part of Trinity Baptist in the near future.

It’s Awana night! Pray for salvation of children. Pray for strength and grace for our leaders.

Embracing Truth,