Pray for Sudan (Update from Doug Boisvert)

I have just returned from South Sudan last week BEFORE the fighting started. Many of the students taught that previous week are now suffering from the unstable situation in South Sudan, especially the capital of Juba. Below is communication from one of our contacts there. It is a sad to hear of the physical suffering but also others in similar situations have shared that it is at these times the Gospel is most effectively shared. Keep praying for our brothers & sisters in South Sudan!

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director

“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)

—– Forwarded Message —–

Dear All Churches,

Pray for us in South Sudan.Already 500 people are dead in Juba both soldiers and civilians.People are dying from bullets,water,hunger,lack of medicine,and from beatings as house to house search goes on at night.

ln Juba people depend on water brought by trucks,no piped water.For fear of stray bullets,water suppliers feared to bring water to the homes.People depend on the food from Uganda,with the closer of the immigration no food enters Juba. Markets were closed.Most suffers are the children.Pray for God,s intervention.

The war broke out just last Sunday l5th December 20l3 as power struggle between the President and the Vice-President Machar.

The war is spreading outside Juba in which many people will die.