Tuesday, September 13

Continue to pray for those who are hurting: Ross Purcell, Linda McCrary, Dick Winkler, Kathy Rose, and Kim Struska.

At Sunday afternoon’s Men’s Meeting we discussed our pending parking lot project. Last spring we had a bid to resurface it for $45,000 and one to extend a drain to the middle of the lot for $10,000. Later we decided we needed to have an engineer plan our lot and its drainage so that our new lot will last many years in good condition. We have spent about $5,000 this summer on engineering and fees to the City.

The Men’s Meeting is recommending to the Congregation that we accept a bid from Northeast Asphalt for $32,650 to pulverize, fine grade and pave, and then stripe our lot. We also are recommending a bid from Rabe Construction for $30,351 to adjust our lot according to the engineering specs, add two drains, add pickups for our south side downspouts, and do the finishing top soil work. This does not include about $8,000 for needed stone nor the cost of a new raised sidewalk that will connect our west and south entrances. The total yet future costs for this project will be about $75,000.

Because this project has drug out so long this summer, it is best that we wait until things dry out in the spring. Our permit with the city is good until September 6, 2017. This gives us another 8 months to raise money for this project.

You know that I am a little frustrated with how long this has taken. My impatience shows through. I look forward to this project’s completion. I think it is going to greatly improve the look and exterior functionality of our church building. Please give to our parking lot project as the Lord would so bless you and continue to pray for us to have wisdom in all these things.

Embracing Truth,