Tuesday, October 3 – Joy and Sadness

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Sing N S’mores was a success! 73 were counted in the fellowship as we gathered to sing and encourage one another in our faith with song. We will do this again – but likely not in the next few months, at least not outside!

My heart was sad yesterday. I often thought of the devastation of so many in Las Vegas and around the nation. President Trump is right in saying this is evil. Though we are all sinners and capable of great wickedness, this act was very evil. Only the devil is rejoicing.

Dr. Al Mohler wrote a good blog yesterday concerning a Christian’s thoughts about this evil. I shared it on my Facebook and have copied it for Sunday’s bulletin.

My heart was refreshed on Sunday to see Sue, Kim, and Tony at one part of the day or another. Continue to pray for God to heal and for God to be glorified.

Tomorrow is Awana and Bible study. This past Wednesday we had more people here than we did on Sunday! God is allowing us to minister to many. Please pray for salvation of souls and for Christians to grow strong because of these busy evenings. If you are able to serve, whether in the nursery or Awana – there is a place for you! Or invite a friend and come to the parsonage for Bible study. We will start at the second half of Isaiah 5 this week.

Embracing Truth … all of it, even the negative stuff,