Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: I have been strongly encouraged by both the preaching of God’s Word and the evening attendance at our Bible Conference with Dr. McLachlan. We have especially had many young families out to hear God’s Word preached.

Last evening Doug was in Philippians 2:5-8. From Paul’s text he said Jesus emptied Himself to become a man, spent Himself and became a slave, and then humbled Himself to be the Lamb. His point was that if we are going to glorify God in our hostile world, we must imitate Jesus in emptying, spending, and humbling ourselves. The application of this truth in each of our lives is incredibly practical, personal, and painful. I look forward to tonight’s sermon from Romans 11:33-36 “The Celebration and Adoration of God: the Highest Calling of the Body of Christ in a Hostile World.” We will again begin at 6:30p and be finished by 7:30p.

Pray for this body of Christ. Many are hurting. Some are confused. Some are traveling. Several families have already been touched by seasonal bugs. Pray for grace and strength for each of us to glorify God in our particular trials.

Embracing Truth, Pastor