Too much to mention on Sunday!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: My heart was full as services ended yesterday. I was blessed by the richness of my text and how applicable it is to us today and I enjoyed our guest – our missionary Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council. We had a full service with verses said by our K-2nd graders, a choir special, a great offertory, an inspirational duet, and Congregational singing. I hope I was not the only one who left the house blessed!

I want to let you know about a special need and our opportunity to respond to it. Missionary Caleb and Echo Stein presented their ministry to Trinity on two occasions while on deputation and visited our church other times. They are now teaching in a seminary and serving in a church in Peru. Recently, flash floods have devastated their area including damaging their seminary. This past week’s bulletin had an insert with a letter from the Steins and one from Baptist Mid-Missions – their board – telling about the need for relief funds. The Ministry Committee of Trinity Baptist is encouraging us to send our available benevolent funds – $500 – to Baptist Mid-Missions World Relief, Peru to help with this immediate need. Also we are going to take a second offering on this coming Sunday for this need. We normally take a benevolent offering after our Lord’s Table. Because of Easter, we are not going to have Lord’s Table this Sunday, but we will still take a benevolent offering for the Peru need.

This Wednesday is Awana Grand Prix at the school. There will be no Bible study at the church. Come for supper at 5:30p and stay for a fun evening.

This coming Sunday is going to be Awana Sunday at Trinity Baptist. It will be a normal worship service with Congregational singing and preaching, but we will also take some time to celebrate our Awana Clubs.

Pray for those traveling this week. The Laudolffs are flying home from Germany and Jean Winkler is driving back from Arizona. The Bill Struskas are also traveling.

Serve God. Embrace the Truth,