Thursday, November 10

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family: Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Prior to 1954 it was called Armistice Day because it was the celebration of the end of WWI. I remember Gramma Leeds talking about the “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.” WWI was a big deal to her generation. Tomorrow we remember all those who have served us by serving the United States Armed Forces. Pause a minute to thank God for them.

I have some different prayer requests for the church. First, pray for our church finances. Our general giving has been down a bit the last couple of months and our expenses have been high. Pray mostly for wisdom from God to lead us through this. Also pray for our church furnace. We continue to have some problems. We recently received a bid for repairs that I am going to share with the Building/Grounds Committee. Once again, please pray for wisdom for us in the decisions that will be made.

Then pray for the preaching of the Word this week. Pastor/Missionary Scott Williquette will be serving God and us by ministering the Word to us this Sunday through Tuesday. His sermon plans are:

Sunday, 8:45a “We are Committed to Prayer”

Sunday, 10:00a “We are Committed to the Lord’s Day”

Sunday, 6:30p “A Report on Ministry to Myanmar”

Monday, 6:30p “We are Committed to Spreading the Gospel to All People”

Tuesday, 6:30p “We are Committed to Suffering for the Glory of God”

Enjoy the sunshine. Serve the Lord Jesus today.

Embracing Truth,