The Adventures of Mozambique – Joel & Joanie Troester

Great news on the land situation!!! We were there bright and early Monday morning. The thirty day window of opportunity for any former owner to make their claim had expired. The director gave us the “green light” to start the process of putting the property in the name of the mission. From all that we can tell, God has opened the door. When He opens it, no one can shut it, not even corrupt city officials. So Monday and Tuesday were spent running after the needed documents. Thursday I was able to pick up the documents and take them on to the next step. We were hassled by a secretary because the official is on vacation and said that we would not get any help until August. We called that official, (on vacation but not out of town) who directed us to hand the phone to the secretary. She changed her attitude completely, and handed the phone to the substitute official who “just happened” to be right there. He inspected the land with us and was more than willing to keep the process rolling. This was just one more opportunity to see the hand of God at work in a very special way. Thanks for praying.

What does this all mean? There is a lot of work ahead and the opportunity for sharing in the financial needs. God has spared us from the need of spending $90,000 on the purchase of the land, but now it is up to us to move ahead with our proposed project of a church to preach and teach the truths of God’s Word and at the same time offer a place for students to work on English, music, art, computer skills, etc. The land needs to be cleared and then fill dirt brought in. A wall needs to be put up on three sides for protection.

What would be better than for our guys to get their hands in the mud? We would like to get our folks
involved as much as possible by having them make the blocks for the surrounding walls and the walls of our buildings. We may need as many at 10,000 blocks. To buy that many bricks would cost $5,000 but, making them ourselves would cost around $3,500, plus the ownership factor – if we worked to build it, we’ll want to take care of it mentality – important in Africa. I found a place that sells a vibrating block making machine which can make several blocks at a time and a better quality block, since it vibrates to settle the cement. The cost is $3,000 but perhaps negotiable.    Let me know if you would be interested.

A House for our Church Last Saturday we rented a house to be used for our church as we wait for documentation and construction. The roof is over 30 years old and falling in. None of the plumbing works. It needs painting inside and out. Obviously we have a lot of work ahead of us to have a place that glorifies the Lord. What is great is that our teen guys and young adults have come forward ready to help. This house is located on a busy street where hundreds pass by on foot each day. Already we have had several new contacts as we work on the repairs and meet the neighbors. Last Sunday, we were excited to have our first “in the neighborhood” service at our house, where we’ll meet until the rented house is ready to use – perhaps 2 weeks from now. Thanks again for all your prayers during this time.