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State of the Church

State of the Church

What is the purpose of Trinity Baptist Church? Does it involve you?


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We have just two services this weekend. I would encourage you to bring your family to both. On Christmas Eve we will gather at 6:00p.m. This is our traditional Christmas Eve Candle-light service. It will be an hour filled with carols, Scripture, and special music. Then, because Christmas is on the Lord’s Day, we will gather as a Congregation at 10:00 a.m. on Christmas morning. A strong Christmas theme will run through this morning service. My sermon will be from the genealogy of Jesus.

Boisvert – December, 2012

Dear Praying Friends
Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding…”
This has been a year of change! There have been many things to praise God for and many things to hold up in prayer before our All-Knowing and Wise GOD.
EBM is now History
We have been so very thankful to the LORD for so many Churches and individuals that have been concerned for us, affirming us and have generously given to make up for losses in the collapse of our former mission Board EBM. We do not expect to ever have a full explanation of all the circumstances involved, but we are leaving it in God’s Almighty Hands. We were able to continue ministry in September, Praise God, and are working to continue to do so.
We are now under Grace Global Ministries, a division under Grace Baptist Church (GBC), Cedarville, Ohio. They are handling our finances in a very respectable open way and are a great blessing to us.  It does remind us of the “old days” described by senior missionaries, of the first mission boards forming to assist sending out their missionaries in support and accountability. Most were established through a local Church’s efforts like GBC. We will be accountable to GBC but Tri-M Missionaries are gathering for our annual meeting, the first week of January. We will be discussing our own incorporation and the formation of a Tri-M board for ministry accountability. Please join us in prayer for Godly wisdom in these decisions for our future. Your funds are coming in and the financial arrangement through Grace Global Ministries (GBC) have begun and are flowing smoothly since the end of October.
However, we did have to postpone two other trips overseas due to the uncertainties of what this would mean upon our return to USA.  These trips were scheduled for South Sudan where the communication is very limited and arrangements have to be confirmed well in advance. A bigger complication is also that these arrangements are best established during the last module. With November’s teaching time postponed, we are not able to set new date yet and are almost back to point of original set-up which took a year preparation to begin. We are praying it will not take very long to re-establish a teaching schedule for 2012.
BLESSINGS RECOGNIZED – Two ways we saw God intervene in the midst of our uncertainties.
1) With our postponed trips for November & December, we were then in a better position for meeting a family need that came unexpected. Our oldest daughter, Katy, is expecting their second child in June 2012. In November, we received information that she was having such severe morning sickness in the first trimester that the doctors were closely monitoring her in case she had to be admitted to the hospital. With postponed trip Doug was home to assist in arranging for a frequent Flyer ticket for the next day to fly Cheryl down for 2 weeks to minister to Katy and their family. We are not sure this would have been possible if he was overseas. With those two weeks to have extra care provided for our active grandson and allow Katy rest, we received report from doctors that the hospital visit was avoided and Katy is recovered enough to carry on with life and nurture the development of her second child’s growth within her. Thank you to all who knew about this and were praying with us.
2) With Doug’s postpone travel, funds were made available for Professor Jackson to still travel without Doug and teach his course. The Sudanese leader was hesitant to teach a course himself up until now. Now there was a need and he has stepped up to the plate to fill in for Doug and teach with the assistance of Jackson’s presence. It seems very much like a Romans 8:28 type of situation, Praise the LORD for His wisdom and timing.
We are working on our annual report for the January meeting. If any of you desire to receive this report please contact us and ask specifically for our “ANNUAL REPORT”. We would be happy to send this along to you as an individual or Church.
Several months ago we told you about Pastor Robert. He reminds me much of Daniel in character and personal experience. This man is doing a great work at reaching some very hard areas of Uganda much off the beaten path. However, as we shared before he has a cancer that is causing him great physical pain and limitations. He has found treatment in Uganda that is helping. However it is quite costly for a Ugandan. One man was so moved by his need (not through us but on his own) that he arranged to send Robert $2500 USD to care for this. But Robert was unaware that the emails were being high-jacked, and the thieves were able to steal the $2500 USD before anyone could stop it. Now Robert is in the midst of chemotherapy that is eliminating most of the tumors even after only a few treatments. He continues to minister even during these challenging treatments. We will be seeing Robert in January, and if you are moved by God to assist this dear brother, you may send your gift to GBC, for tax receipt marked for TRI-M BOISVERT, or us directly as a nontax-deductable gift. Please drop us a note either way and mention that you are giving for Robert Sityo needs.  We can pass on his more in-depth testimony if requested.
As you know, we are actively partnering with a Ugandan Professor, Ecuna Jackson. He has given up much to train African men that are unable to go to Seminary. He is internationally focused and could easily replace me in a few years carrying on a Tri-M like ministry throughout Eastern Africa. However with the world economy being very shaky, any Ugandan funds that were assisting him in the past have dried up. I have been burdened I trust by God to seek to raise funds from the USA to assist this dear brother in being able to travel and support his family. I am looking to accomplish this in different  stages.
The first stage will be through one time gifts or monthly pledges that will finance his travel especially to new areas in South Sudan in order to establish new teaching sites. This would be very difficult for Doug to do, but someone with an Ugandan passport does not even need a visa to travel within South Sudan. The goal here is to have $1200 USD for the year dedicated to expanding the teaching in South Sudan through Jackson’s ministry.
The second stage would be to seek a regular monthly income of $450 USD for Jackson. This could be done either as a monthly pledge or one time gifts that are applied to this year figure. We have an actual proposal for this new phase of our ministry that can be sent out upon request. We are still seeking official approval to set up a fund for this but pray with us and do drop us a line if you are interested.
AGAIN A SPECIAL THANKS to all who assisted us, financially and in prayer, in getting reestablished  and back on our feet.
For Katy’s increasing health and our second grandchild’s development.
For this holiday season where even in stores there are Christmas carols reminding us f the truth about what we are celebrating, Christ is Come! MERRY CHRISTMAS and an Expectant NEW YEAR… maybe this next year we will meet in the New Jerusalem?
Effective communication with the South Sudanese leaders which needs to be done by mid December, Lord Willing
Dani, our youngest daughter, that she would respond to God’s Hand in her life .
CHURCHES – PLEASE Announce to your people…
We must redo our mailing list significantly. Since the closure of EBM we have more limited mailing options. We will be sending out one final mailing to the most complete list we have in our possession, and are asking for each individual still interested in receiving our prayer letter by mail to respond with an enclosed postcard.  If there are individuals that have not received this update, please email us asking to be added (or re-adding) to our email list. Thank you
Striving to Serve Christ, Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA
“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I begin a new preaching series this Lord’s Day at 10a. It is a 4-week sermon series on the book of Esther. This is an amazing drama worthy of the best efforts of screen and stage. Come learn about the working of God in a pagan land 2500 years ago. During our 8:45a hour, the adult Bible study teachers are continuing their work through the book of Ephesians from the Word of God. We have just begun this series too. They will be in chapter 1:7-14 – a very rich text. In the evening – at 6:30p – we will welcome Praise4mation. This gospel quartet has two members that we see regularly at Trinity Baptist: Randy Martin and Dave Douglass. Invite a music-loving friend and come for a great evening. It will be a night of encouragement and exhortation.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We had a full house this past Lord’s Day! We were joined by the Dave and Barb Herron and the women’s volleyball of Northland International University. They taught teen Sunday School, provided special music, and brought testimonies during the after-dinner devotions. Our adult Sunday School classes gave introduction to a new series on the book of Ephesians. I was in Romans 16 talking about the many fellow workers Paul mentions by name.