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May Day!

Dear Trinity Baptist Church Family – It’s May Day! Wikipedia has a long article on the ancient and varied traditions of May Day. A generation ago in America, May Day was a fun day in the spring when you put a basket of goodies or flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor, then rang their doorbell and ran! On this cold day, I hope you make a reason to bring joy to someone!

We had a full weekend at TBC. First, on Saturday morning more than a couple of dozen were at the building to help with spring repairs and cleaning. We had chair washing, chair repair, light repairs, light bulb changing, carpet cleaning, music organizing, stump removal, chimney repair, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, junk removal, painting, dusting, furnace room cleaning, and window washing take place. I praise the Lord for the many willing servants who came.

Then, yesterday we had a good crowd staying for our monthly church dinner. I can’t remember the last time we were short on food. Yesterday was no exception. We had more than enough good food.

And I really liked our missionary yesterday – Phil and Jessica Coolbaugh. They were a real blessing to me personally. I like singing near Phil in the morning service and watching him punch at the theologically sound words he was singing. And his preaching was good. Phil and Jessica’s burden and conviction concerning the work in Toronto to which God has called them was challenging to me. I hope we are able to partner with them some day.

And the week continues. Wednesday is Awana Awards night. Now, I know to some of you that means it’s a night off – a night that does not pertain to you. I understand. But I’d like to encourage you to come for the fellowship and to be an encouragement to our Awana Clubbers and leaders. I promise you that you will be a blessing to someone if you come. We will have a Hot Dog Buffet at 5:30p and the Awards begin with a devotional by Pastor Shaeffer at 6:30p. The buffet will have corn dogs, cheese on dogs, dogs in beans, sauerkraut on dogs, and all the good condiments. There will be chips, desserts, and soda. OK, so it’s not the Ritz, but you’ll find something tasty. I promise.

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about Jesus. What’s about Jesus? Everything in your life ought to be about Jesus.

Embracing Truth, Pastor

Missionary Joel Troester

Missionary Joel Troester to Mozambique
Our missionary to Mozambique, Joel Troester, preaches on the need for missions both cross-continent and local.

Baptisms and More!

Praise the Lord for the rain this morning. God sends us many good things. Sometimes we even recognize them as good!

We are baptizing two on Sunday! Joey Chiero and Dawn Chiero are going to be obedient to baptism and join with this Congregation. I am excited about their step of faith.

Sunday is a church dinner day. We have a missionary to Bolivia who is with the same board as our Carolyn Price. Larry Shetter and his family will minister to us in adult/teen Sunday School and then for our after lunch devotions.

The teens are going camping in Door County Sunday through Tuesday. Nine teens, 4 adults, and 2 babies will leave after devotions on Sunday. Pray for their safety and spiritual renewal during this time away.

On a personal note: Zeke flies to Georgia on Sunday for 20 weeks of training for his next stage of life. Pray for his safety and that his testimony remains strong while he is away from Hannah and the boys. Hannah will be with us for a couple of more weeks before heading to PA to see Hannah’s family.

Rejoice in the LORD – everything else is a cheap imitation.

Embracing Truth,


Regan Martin – Missionary to Capetown

“What We Proclaim” 2 Corinthians 4:1-6 What is your mission statement? Regan shares his burden for proclaiming Christ to the world. download

Boisvert Letter – October 28, 2015

This is just to let you know that Doug leaves for a teaching module in South Sudan on Wednesday. There is always a question of who can attend the training due to the great instability and poverty this newest nation on our planet is currently facing. The unrest has not been in the area he is traveling but the economic disaster the country faces is very much present there. 

Please join us in prayer that we (Doug and the Sudanese Church Leaders) can all gather together around the teachings of the Word of God, that hearts would be encouraged to look past their current situations and into the gracious hand of our LORD and Savior Jesus! Also that transportation can be found for each one to come; food secured for the families left behind during this coming week; and the Sudanese teachers and Dr. Doug will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and emphasis as we teach God’s Word. 
Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.
Tri-M Eastern and Central African Director
sent out by Springville Baptist Church, PA
“To this end I also labor, striving according to His working…” (Colossians 1:29)