Prayer requested for Doug Boisvert’s upcoming trip

That phrase “in Christ” is so meaningful and amazing! Yes we cherish the connection being “in Christ” gives us to God, Creator and Sovereign of the Universe (both material and immaterial creation), as well as the connection it gives us to you and our brethren worldwide.

This email is to update you on my upcoming trip to Africa.  I will be traveling this time without Cheryl as it is including trip to South Sudan. I leave Monday and have one new venue in Kenya to assist Pastor Odari expanding his training program called CAMSOM. Then teaching in Uganda for a week and a week in South Sudan.

Please pray with us:
1) Cheryl’s safety and running of the home and office while Doug is traveling.
2) Doug being sensitive to each venue and the leadership as we work through these times of transitions in teaching responsibilities, schedules and curriculum.
3) Multiple travel details that can not be worked out until Doug hits the ground running. Arriving midnight sleep a little, to travel during daylight into Kenya (6+ hours public transport) and start teaching same day. 🙂
4) Clear strategy can be started by local leaders for this transition of me fading out of some venues to give more emphasis on local leaders doing the training.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for God’s ministry through TRI-M Africa and the Boisverts.

Striving to Serve Christ,
Doug Boisvert, D. Min.