Prayer letter from the Oetmans – Korea

Happy Valentine’s Day – Proverbs 17:17a A friend loveth at all times …. Even when they haven’t heard from the other in a very long time.  I am not sure where the time went.  Hard to believe it is already Feb. 2013.  We are headed down the home stretch of our furlough and looking forward to getting back to Korea.

Rob went to Korea in January to get his visa extended.  Praise the Lord, it was extended for 3 more years and we should be able to get permanent residency at the end of that period!  While there the Yongsan Baptist Church voted unanamously to call him as their new pastor effective March 10.  The pastor presently there, Brother David Lewis, is going on furlough in March and will not be returning to that church but going to start a new church.  We will need to transition the church from being an English speaking church focused on ministering to the U.S. servicemen and women to becoming a Korean church.  The U.S. military personal will all be gone from Seoul by 2016.  Above photo is the building Yangsan Baptist Church meets.

The kids are enjoying their school year with a few exceptions here and there – most of which involves homework!!  Rob and I are starting to go through our things and deciding what is going to Korea and what will stay here. We are hoping to keep the shipping down to a minimum.  Until we leave there is plenty that needs to get done.

Rob’s upcoming Travels
Rob will be gone a lot the next few months visiting supporting churches.
February he will be at Berean Baptist in Elberta, AL. for their missions conference February 13-17.  He will then have a week off but stay in AL so that he can  then attend the BEAMS (Bible Education and Missionary Service) National Conference in Gulfport, MS. February 24-27.

Prayer Needs
Rob’s travels
Kids as they finish off school
Shipping and airfare costs
Finding apartment in Korea
Setting up house in Seoul as we will have to refurnish an apartment